Free To Be Wild
The girls want me to write in english, so I will do my best. We've been here at Free To Be Wild for a week now. Two more to go. It's amazing to be back. I brought my grannies Amy & Becky this time. We were roomies at Antelope Park last year and decided to have a reunion.
So what have we been up to?
• Started to built a pond for Blue, the flamingo.
•  Captured one monkey of five from a school nerby. When we got all five, they will be released as a troop.
• Friday was a very sad day. We had to say good bye to Amanda who went back home 💔 and three little chicks who were dropped of at the sanctuary in a very bad condition. Unfortunetly the didn't make it and died 😔
•  We went to Hillside Dams, a nature park.
• Bushwalks with the baby baboons, Lucy, Darrel, Kuda, Naletti & Mana, who are not babies anymore. My baby-Benny joined their troup when I left last year and is doing fine.
•  Thought we lost Marlin, the cockatoo. He was in the house with Piggy and didnt want to go back to his cage when we were about to leave for Hillside Dams. So we went up to our room for 10 mins and then he was gone. Like totally gone. Couldn't find him anywhere. Not even a track or a feather. We didn't wanna leave before we knew where he was. So off we went, around and around the sanctuary for ages. Not a clue. And then. We saw him. High up in a tree outside the house, laughing at us. He was probably watching us the whole time laughing at how crazy we all were.
• baby cuddling with Marley the baby baboon and Joseph & Louis, baby vervet monkeys. Louis is sleeping in our room with us. That little fighter had epilepsy after a stroke so he needs day and night care.
So long,
It's time for Coconut to go to bed.